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Colossus Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream body using the Polished Physique Program. By following this carefully curated program developed by founders Kyle and Josh, you too could become one of their 3000+ satisfied clients. Direct message MGMCF to @colossusfit or click the learn more button on our home page to sign up today!

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When you join Colossus fitness you get:

  • Unlimited access to your coach 24/7. You will be successful with the right support. You can send a text or video message to your coach whenever you need help. You will have our personal phone numbers and we’ll be there for you EVERY step of the way.
  • Weekly Check-ins & Accountability: You will download a mobile video sending app that will allow you to send us a message whenever you need assistance of have a question. We will also get in touch weekly for a check-in, where you’ll send an update of your progress so we can coach you best.
  • Like-Minded Community: You will have access to our Private Facebook Community where you can you ask questions there and join in our Weekly Group Calls for extra support and motivation from myself and others that are on the same journey as you. You will feel supported at all times. 
  • Science Based Programming: Hyper-vantage training is filled with the most efficient exercises available to get you twice the result in half the time while ensure maximum safety.
  • Blueprint To Your Perfect Body: Your routine is built based on your body type so you can build perfect and attractive body ratios.
  • Ultimate Training program: Hyper-vantage training monitors every aspect of training, including, but not limited to, weights, cardio, abs, mobility, athletic training, sport specific programming and more.

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