Meet the Team


Justin Siklis & Oskar Andersen founded Mr. Good Meats during a very difficult time. It originated as a pivot business to keep their preexisting business afloat and employees paid. Since then it has evolved into something much more.  Operating alongside Chefs Catering Co., Mr. Good Meats has become a passion project for the both of them. A creative outlet, platform to allow friends businesses to grow. But above all, every online sale donates multiple meals back to Red Door Family Shelter for women and children escaping domestic violence. 

 Kyle England: Otherwise known as the jack of all trades and VP of Operations, focuses on keeping everything back of house organized. No delivery or catering order goes out unless he has checked it.

 Babu Karan: Our Logistics Coordinator, is responsible for getting your food safely from the kitchen to your front door. He oversees all logistical protocols to deliver you the best online ordering service

 Zibby Orlowski: Has been wowing people across the globe for over 40 years with his culinary creations. Guided by an unyielding creative passion for quality and artful presentation Zibby is a true master of the European school.  We are proud to have him with us as our Executive Chef.

 Jey: Known for his delicious Jerk Chicken. If you've ever had the pleasure of trying it, you'd know it is not for the faint of heart. Also known as Zibby's right hand and our Executive Sous Chef. Nothing gets served unless it passes his taste test.

 Jack Irwin: The newest addition to the team. With a talent for taste and an eye for presentation he has quickly earned the title of Sous Chef. Jack has cultivated many new menus that we immediately cycled into rotation. Keep an eye on this guy!

 Maureen Yearwood: Takes the title of Event Manager. She is primarily in charge of quality control which is arguably the most important job in this industry. Consistency is key and she is our key to consistency.