Our History

Chefs Catering is a company that was founded to feed people and we do just that, everyday, year after year, no matter how large or how small the order. Whether you want lunch, or you need to feed 35 000 people, we're here to cater to your needs.

Chefs' Catering is a premier Foodservice Management Company that is specifically focused on the client dining market. We are proud to say that we are in our 37th year of operation. Chefs' Catering enjoys an outstanding reputation for providing exceptionally high quality food and service. Our clients include many of Canada's premier corporations and institutions.

Chefs' Catering has consistently been a leader in its industry with regards to the vision for food and services in the corporate environment. Our vision has centered around being a first class food provider and maintaining a service standard that creates value and is perceived as a true employee benefit.

In our vision, we believe that flexibility and customization play a key role in our ability to integrate our service into the culture of each organization we serve. In order to fully comprehend our vision, it is important to understand our uniqueness.


  • We are one of the few remaining food service companies (or maybe the only company) that have no outside venture capital interests that make demands on return; we are not publicly held. This distinction permits instant decisions and long-term views.
  • We have 37 years of proven management excellence, which translates into stability, reliability and continuity.
  • We are small enough to be responsive and large enough to take advantage of economies of scale, with functional experts to help support each account.


  • We identify two customers: You, the client, and your employee, the user of the services, the two customers' philosophy.
  • Chefs' Catering has established a reputation based on operational excellence. This translates directly to higher quality food and service programs.
  • Flexibility, urgency and responsiveness are major distinctions in our ability to retain our clients.
  • We have amassed an impressive resume of corporate and private events including large scale concerts, live televisions events, and the CTV 2012 summer Olympics.

Our ability to evolve as an organization, to constantly adapt to the culture of our clients and to bring creativity and innovation to our accounts is key factors to maintaining our high customers' satisfaction and achieving long-term successful relationships.

It is our company culture that enables Chef's Catering to achieve these goals and be recognized in our industry as true innovators.

In 1973, Peter Siklis and his wife Carol, incorporated their sandwich/lunch business under the Chef's Catering name. Their focus became developing a company as a premium provider of contract food services. In 2001 Justin Siklis, became President of Chefs' Catering becoming an instrumental component to the success of the company.

Today, it takes meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients in the GTA by providing them with the levels of food quality and presentation, personal service and value that we believe are unmatched by any foodservice company, anywhere.

Sea to Sky Management/Chefs' Catering today, is a far different company than that fledgling foodservice business of selling lunch from a store front. Today it is an enterprise whose series of stewardship has remained consistent, while its capabilities have grown. Our scope of professionally managed services includes:

  • Full Service Cafeterias & Restaurants
  • Complete Catering Service
  • Event Planning and Execution Services
  • Take Home Menus
  • Staffing Services
  • Vending Management
  • Pro-bono Consulting Services


In the last decade, Chefs' Catering has maintained a steady rate of growth of 14.5% each year. Our growth has been exclusively organic and based upon winning contract bids.

Another component of our growth has been our ability to retain our clients. We strongly believe that each client contract is a business partnership. Our partnerships are based upon "trust", "reliability" and our ability to perform year after year.

Currently, Chefs' Catering client retention rate is well above 90% and the average length of our contract relationships is more than 12 years. Our entire staff is trained to understand the philosophy "that it's better to keep our client than to get two new ones". The philosophy translates into the fastest response time in the industry, no matter how difficult or complex the matter. This is one of our core values.

Our corporate ethos is focus on providing innovation, the highest quality food and excellent service. Chefs' Catering does not aspire be the largest food service company, but rather the very best in our industry!

Chefs' Catering customizes and designs our service for many prestigious customers and clients throughout the GTA. These customers and clients have demanding expectations and look to our organization to provide stewardship that is compatible with their goals and values.

In our quest to meet these standards of excellence we are committed to nurturing these partnerships and creating a relationship which is based upon trust and open communication.

In the end, we're just like you, we want to do our job well and have fun doing it.